Priscilla Policar is a reputed business person who has played many successful roles. She understands the art of doing a perfect job which further gives her the ability to handle multiples duties under high-pressure situations. Below are some of the roles and responsibilities being handled by Priscilla Policar. The following discussion will help you understand why Priscilla Policar is respected as a successful executive, strategist, and a leader.


  • Handling in-house team of 25+ professionals and ensuring their successful performance
  • Working on multiples departments including media, accounting, risk management, customer service, web development, human resources, etc
  • Achieving superior’s consent and Ensuring hassle free completion of every operation
  • Handling the team of web developers, designers and programmers at remote locations
  • Assigning projects, setting deadlines and managing daily directives
  • Working with manufacturers to develop product formulas and make arrangements for international shipments to the UK, Canada, and Asia markets.

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