Not only this but Priscilla has worked with several manufacturers to develop product formulas and make arrangements for international shipments to fulfilment houses in the UK, Canada, and Asia markets. No matter what jobs and responsibilities were given to Priscilla Policar, she has proved that she has got knowledge, experience and skills to handle a wide array of responsibilities and come out as a winner. She is capable of working in a high-pressure environment while not compromising the quality of the work.


Priscilla Policar has responsible for Assigning Projects

Priscilla Policar has responsible for assigning projects

Priscilla Policar has handed in-house team consisting of 25+ employees. She has effectively handled the working of various departments such as media, accounting, risk management, customer service, web development, human resources, quality assurance etc. Her task was to oversee department leads and ensure smooth and hassle-free working. She is also involved in creating work policies and programs, hiring employees, creating ADP payrolls, etc.


Priscilla Policar has also handled a team of remote web developers, designers and programmers working in the UK, US, Ukraine and Phillippines. She was responsible for assigning projects, setting deadlines and daily directives.

Job Responsibilities handed by Priscilla Policar, LLC

Priscilla Policar has worked as a customer service manager, copywriter, researcher, coordinator, inventory control, team lead for web development projects, human resources, administration, media planning, vendor management, etc.


By handling all these different job responsibilities, she has got unique abilities to undertake a variety of responsibilities in a high-pressure environment.

Priscilla Policar – An Ideal Director of Operations, LLC

The Director of Operations plays an important role in the company. The job responsibilities of a Director of Operations are not limited to planning and monitoring the day-to-day business functioning but also involve liasing with superiors to set strategic goals and make decisions for operational activities. All these job responsibilities are undertaken effectively by Priscilla Policar being the Director of Operations, LLC.


Priscilla Policar is an experienced digital executive, strategist and leader handling the business operations, LLC. She has launched a number of successful International campaigns in the fields of beauty and nutraceutical space which have proved successful in improving both the bottom and top lines of the company.

The mantra to success in life has been decoded by Priscilla Policar


Priscilla Policar is a lady who has excelled in both her professional and personal life. She holds expertise in digital marketing and is a seasonal digital executive, leader, and strategist. Over the years, she has rendered excellent services as a customer service manager, copywriter, researcher, fulfillment coordinator, and inventory control.

She has also shown some serious leadership skills by being the team lead for web development projects, human resources and administration, facilities management, media planning, product and sales collateral development, and vendor management.


She holds a few principles too close to her heart in life, and defines the mantra of success as follows:

  • In order to gain recognition, one needs to keep himself/herself versatile and diverse to all kinds of roles with utmost precision and perfection.
  • Time management and work optimization are the two key skills that a person must possess to be successful.
  • One should keep a quest to learn more and more. Constant learning should continue to gain knowledge and versatility.
  • There needs to be a perfect balance in personal and professional life to keep both things parallel in the most efficient way.
  • High commitment needs to be shown towards whatever work one takes up which renders value for time and money.
  • One should never settle for any less in life. There needs to be an urge to keep on going and striving for being better than your old self forever.
  • Creativity is a must for success. Once you have a creative thought process and mindset, you can never run out of ideas to boost your business and your image.
  • Working under high pressure and tight time constraints should come at ease to a person looking out to be successful.
  • Getting stressed and leaving up your work or procrastination leads to a habit of never meeting your commitments in time.
  • No job should be big or small for you. Any job you pick up should be done with maximum efforts and enthusiasm.
  • Opt for a proactive approach to be ready for any kind of unexpected situations that might arise at your workplace.
  • Being in your comfort zone always leads you nowhere. There is no growth when you don’t step out of your comfort zone. Leave your zone, try new things and you’ll see a considerable difference

Incorporate these tips by Priscilla Policar to be successful in your life as well.

Priscilla Policar Is the Most Respected Business Communication Expert

When you’re considering to give a boost to your business sales and image in your targeted market, then considering to hire a professional in business communication is a must as a professional can help you communicate your message to the targeted audience as well as the partners and employees.

Customer Service Manager,

When looking for the most experienced business communication expert, Priscilla Policar is a name you can’t afford to miss as she’s got what you are looking for in an expert. For the past many years in the industry, Priscilla has been helping various organizations with the reliable solutions to deliver best results to the businesses.

She also holds expertise in season digital strategies, operational management , product development , and logistics planning. Priscilla Policar has recently held the post of Director of Operations for a leading organization where she has been instrumental in launching dozens of successful international campaigns in the nutraceutical and beauty space.

In short, Priscilla has a unique ability to juggle a variety of responsibilities in a high pressure environment and can strive for excellence in any role that she is tasked with.

To get in touch with her or discuss about her abilities, please feel free to contact her.